E-Waste Dismantling

We have a team of dynamic and professionally trained experts who will come at your doorstep and collect the computer waste and dismantle it using combination of hand and automated techniques. After the whole segregation of computer waste, the devices like CRTs, CPU, Fax Machines and others are dismantled safely and securely. Knowing the need and safety handling of computer waste recycling process ensuring it is non-toxic to the environment or surroundings.

After collecting the e-waste our professionals who have been highly trained on how to properly do the recycling process will dismantle the aggregated computer waste by sorting the reusable components from e-waste and thereby excluding the non-bio degradable elements like plastic, metals, LCD displays, batteries and etc.

E-Waste Dismantling Company in Chennai

SKV E-Waste Recycling handles both methodical and automatic dismantling and segregation of redundant products from the computer waste collected. While in both cases we ensure the safety of our employees during the computer waste management process. In automatic computer dismantling and segregation process, SKV E-Waste Recycling is equipped with the latest machines and equipments to execute the automatic dismantling and segregation process in a secured & safe environment. We reserve all the rights to the computer waste or any other electronic waste.