SKV Recycling

Disposal of the electronic equipment such as computers, printers, laptops, CPU, switches, hard drives etc.. might be a hectic task for any organisation and Industries. This is because of the various government policies and rules. When there is a need to dispose your electronic goods, you must certainly comply the government rules. Don't worry SKV E-Waste Recycling will remove the complexity and guarantees accountability to make sure that the electronics recycling process carried out securely and responsibly. We are one of the trusted enterprise for E-waste Recycling company in Chennai, India. Our E-waste recycling service includes computer Recycling , Electronic Scrap recycling , electronic waste dismantling . Our technical professional will take electronic waste at your door steps.

E-Waste Recycling Company in Chennai
Computer Recycling

SKV E-waste , E-Waste Scrap recycling company in Chennai , India. We accept computer desktop , laptops , tablets , flash drives , hard drives and all computer equipments. We offer this service via our skilled professional. Our professional recyclers will recycle the computer Waste meeting the Industry standard.

E-waste Dismantling

E-waste Dismantling company in chennai, India . E-wastes are dismantled manually and also via automated process. Initially manual dismantling is carried out, it starts with sorting out of reusable components like (hard disks, CD/DVD drives, motherboards, memory, power supplies, networking components ) from plastic RAM, the plastic, iron, light weight metals, batteries, LCD displays, etc. For tedious dismantling and segregation we do automated dismantling and segregation with standardised equipment. SKV E-Waste ensures safety of employees working at our E-waste recycling and management process and effectively helps getting maximum output from the process of E-waste disposal.

Electronic Scrap Recycling

SKV E-Waste , prominent E-scrap recycling company in Chennai , India . We are handling E-scrap recycling service in a step by step process. First . we collect waste , segregation of waste manually , hazardous wastes are dismantled with automation tools , finally it goes to our recyclers who are well - trained . Most Hazardous materials are automatically disposed carefully , as per the Government Rules and Policies.

IT Asset Recovery

We are IT Asset Recovery company in Chennai , India . In the IT Asset Recovery we take your electronic assets , then check which assets will be Collect and which assets could be recycled. The reselling assets will be automatically resold which will enhance some financial benefits to your company and recycling assets would be recycled as per the Industry standard.One of the most important parts of the asset recovery process is the identifying idle assets. While handling idle asset there are many unknown costs could be associated with it. Unused equipment money value usually depreciate and results in variation from the original cost . There are real storage costs for holding and storing equipment and materials. These assets could be resold and offer an immediate cash benefits to the business. Loss of space and depreciation value in the equipment are important attributes taken into account for the reselling process.

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction Company in Chennai , India . This is the most important part as it deals with authentic data. Authenticity is the primary attribute that should be handled in an effective way. Our team will handle this process with the extreme care taken to the data in terms of authenticity. Our destruction service meet the Industry standards that are available for physical destruction. We completely destroy hard drives by automated shredding and recycling processes. If any of the data that could be recovered , we will do that process also with our professional team. Please contact us for more details.