How to remove the Hard Drive Before Recycling a computer:

02 Mar 2023

How to remove the Hard Drive Before Recycling a computer:

It's a good idea to recycle old computers, but should you first take the hard drive out of the machine? It depends, is the response. Depending on how you intend to recycle, you may choose to remove it or not.

Let's say you're sending your computer to a specialized recycler like SKV E-Waste or you don't mind someone else reading your data. In that situation, removing the HDD before recycling a computer is not required, but you should at the very least format the hard drive.

Before recycling a computer, it's a good idea to learn how to remove the hard drive in order to prevent your personal data from getting into the wrong hands.

Where Can I Find the Hard Drive ?

        Hard drives are located differently on desktop PCs and laptops. To remove the hard drive, you'll need basic equipment like pliers and screwdrivers.

Desktop PCs:

        A typical computer case is used by the majority of PCs. The location of the hard discs is typically obvious once the enclosure side has been removed. Drives often have a compact rectangular metal box shape, and they frequently have a label with the brand and the drive's storage capacity (250GB, etc)

        Following these initial steps when learning how to remove the hard disc from a computer before recycling can help you avoid a lot of problems.

1. Review the instruction manual

2. Disconnect everything from the outlets

3. Choose a good workspace

4. Avoid attempting to multitask.

5. Set down a comfortable mat.

6. Hand-wash.

7. Take away any metal objects.

8. Get rid of static

Before recycling, erase a computer's hard drive to help guard against data theft. The data will be secure after being destroyed.

Each one of these three techniques will destroy the drive platters, allowing you to destroy the drive on your own. All require work and safety gear!


  • To get rid of the magnetic surface, use sandpaper.
  • Use a hammer to drive nails into the platters.
  • Use a large hammer to smash the drive into little pieces.




If you take out a hard drive before discarding a computer and don't make sure the data is deleted or rendered unreadable, your personal information could be stolen.

Bringing the removed drive to a specialized recycler like SKV E-Waste is the best way to accomplish this. To ensure that all data is deleted, they have specispecializedalised machinery that mechanically shreds the drive into tiny pieces. To find out how our secure data erasure services can benefit you, get in touch with us.